Hadley’s Big Sister Bag


One of the most important parts about bringing the new baby home was making sure that Hadley didn’t feel left out. I really wanted to keep her involved with the whole process and just let her know that she’s not being replaced or forgotten about. 

When we were in the hospital, I knew that once River arrived, family and friends were going to start flooding in to come see her. With everyone focusing their attention on the new baby, I wanted to give Hadley something that would make her feel special and allow her to be a part of things. So, I threw a bunch of her favorite things together and made her own special bag to open at the hospital!

Big Sister Bag 01

Hadley’s Big Sister Bag:

Lately, she’s been going through this “I’m Daniel Tiger” (and don’t you forget it!) phase, so I knew she would love the books. She had also recently started showing interest in playing doctor, and of course is obsesssed with stickers and coloring. 

Big Sister Bag 03

She was so excited to open up her bag at the hospital! (Notice the red sweatshirt and shoes- she is Daniel, after all!) She loved giving everyone a checkup with her doctor kit as well, including the nurses! 

Big Sister Bag 04

Overall, the bag definitely fulfilled its purpose and I think that it’s a great idea for any families out there welcoming a new baby into the world!

Big Sister Bag 05

Oh, and Hadley pretty much won’t go anywhere without her backpack now. She keeps saying “I’m going to school!”

Not yet, my dear. Now stop growing up so dang fast!

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