We All Have That One Drawer…


You know what I’m talking about. That one drawer where you put all the random junk in your house that just doesn’t have a place. Sound familiar? Well, the other day as I was trying to shove something in there (which became apparent that it was going to fit very quickly) I decided that it was time to clean that thing out. 

Junk Drawer 01

And for good reason! I must say, some of the things that I found were… interesting. (That’s why they call it a junk drawer, right?)

Junk Drawer 02

You can never have too many pairs of wax lips, am I right?! 

Junk Drawer 03

And what’s this? Just your -ordinary- Dr. Pepper can… nothing to see here, folks!

Junk Drawer 04

Wrong! It’s actually a super sneaky hiding place for your valuables. I remember my dad had gotten this for me when I was in middle school. (I used to love Dr. Pepper!)

Junk Drawer 05

My old glasses! Okay, I know this one isn’t all that exciting, but have you ever tried on an old pair of glasses before? Or just any glasses that aren’t yours in general? Instant Clark Kent effect!

Junk Drawer 06

Oh lookie here! From when the Seahawks kicked some serious butt  against the Broncos in the Superbowl a couple years ago. Sorry Denver fans! 😉

Junk Drawer 07

No words needed.

Junk Drawer 08

Ta-da! Now that’s the way a junk drawer should look! At least now I’ll be able to find the junk I’m looking for… and hey, it was pretty fun rediscovering some of my quirky treasures that I had forgotten about.

So the next time you go on a cleaning rampage, be sure to delve into that drawer… you never know what you’ll find. 🙂

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