Time, we’ve talked about this. Stop allowing my babies to grow up so fast! Not only is sweet River Blue 3 months old already, but summertime is also quickly coming to an end. So what better way to do Riv’s pictures than in a super cute strawberry dress? Oh, and some super cool shades. (Gotta love Target!) 


In all seriousness, though, this is going way too fast. Riv has become so incredibly expressive, chatty, and alert. Her new favorite thing is watching TV. She first discovered  it when we were visiting my mom a couple weeks ago and will now watch it in small intervals. Her favorite thing to watch? Baseball with Daddy!

Something that hasn’t changed in the slightest, however…


Her happiness! This girl is constantly smiling, cooing, and giggling! (At least for the other 23 hours of the day when she’s not eating.) She loves it when daddy pokes her and tickles her neck rolls

She’s also started grabbing at and “talking” to her toys that hang on her bouncy seat. It’s amazing how someone can be so intrigued by a plastic ball with colorful beads in it! 


Something not so fun is that she got her first cold a few days ago. Everyone in the house had it first and now she’s the last one getting over it. Poor little girl! But nothing a little sleep can’t fix. 🙂

Or a lot! This baby was out for the majority of our annual Leavenworth trip this past weekend! Thank goodness for baby carriers! She did awesome for her first long car trip, though. Slept all the way there and all the way back.


And because we were having a little photo shoot, of course Hadley had to join in, too! With her super cool shades, no less. Goober! That’s another thing that hasn’t changed; River still absolutely adores her big sissy! (And I don’t think that’s about to change anytime soon.) 

Ugh. You better believe that I’m cherishing each and every moment of this. Although it’s racing by, the next few months are some of my favorites. There’s just something about babies discovering how to use their bodies and voices, it’s fascinating!


But for now, I’m just going to enjoy my sweet little girl and all her baby-ness while I can. And as I’m typing this, I’ve just realized something; she’s not a newborn anymore! At 3 months old, she’s officially entered the infant stage. 

So bring it on! Although I don’t always agree with time and the affects it has on my sweet baby girls, there’s nothing better than having the privilege of watching them grow and develop into the people they are going to be. 


Happy 3 months, River Blue! 


See River at 2 months!

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