A Wedding and a Rainstorm


There comes a time in every long-term relationship where you look at your partner and think, “you’re the one I’m going to marry.” In mine and Michael’s case, we had been thinking this for years.  He surprised me with a Christmas proposal in 2014, which was completely brilliant and I had no idea it was going to happen (which is totally obvious by the sweatpants and cat shirt I was wearing in the video, which you can watch here). And for the past couple years, we’ve pretty much been living the married life, minus the actual marriage part.

Until last weekend. 


On October 01, 2016, I married the love of my life. A couple weeks beforehand, we looked at each other and just decided to get it over with already. I mean, after nearly six years together, it was time! The ceremony was very small, just family and a couple of our closest friends, and it was at a public park on a little gazebo on the lake. And it was perfect.


Hadley Rae was so excited to be all dressed up! She’s at that stage where she’s a princess half the time. And the other half she’s Pikachu. There is no in between. She and River got to walk with her Grandpa Bob (Michael’s Dad) and G (my mom) down the aisle…



Michael walked with his beautiful momma of course. He looked so incredibly handsome! We always envisioned having a navy and light pink color scheme at our wedding, and I think he nailed it!


Here comes the bride! My dad and his girlfriend, Joy, were i[ visiting for a week from Kansas City and I actually told them two days before his flight up here about our wedding plans. Like I said, it was pretty spontaneous! 😉


You may recognize my good friend Josh officiating us! I had learned earlier this year that he was ordained and he had offered to marry us when the time came so of course I had to give him a call! His speech was short and sweet, yet meaningful and heartfelt. Couldn’t imagine having anyone else up there with us!


I don’t think this picture really needs a caption, bug ugh, they just melt my heart!! Taken right before Michael recited his vows. I cried pretty much the entire time, not gonna lie. But it was so amazing standing up there with our loved ones reciting our vows to each other. I even caught Michael wiping away a tear as I read mine! 

All was calm and perfect… and then I started noticing a slight breeze coming from across the lake. And as we neared the end of the ceremony, it turned into a full on wind storm! Complete with ginormous rain drops!


Right after our kiss… Notice the eyeliner on Michael’s nose. 🙂


I guess that’s the one thing you should always remember about having your wedding outside in the state of Washington: ALWAYS be prepared for a crazy rain storm! Weather aside, though, it was the best wedding I could have ever asked for. 


Afterward, it was back to our place for the reception! 


I seriously can’t thank Josh enough for doing this for us. It was honestly the cherry on top of our perfect little “flash wedding” (as my mom calls it). 


A huge shoutout to my parents, for throwing me an awesome after party! My mom decorated everything all rustic-y and cute, and my dad and Joy provided all the food, including some outstanding sloppy joes! As far as parents go, I’m pretty sure I scored the jackpot. ♥


And of course, I couldn’t have gotten married without my Kiwis (Clarice)! Hadley used to not be able to pronounce her name, so she called her Kiwis. She of course was my maid of honor and I’m so happy she got to stand by my side through one the most memorable moments of my life. 


I love what our life has become. We have two amazing, beautiful little girls, support from our awesome families, a wonderful home, our fur babies, and each other. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Michael, you are the one I want to be with, always and forever. You have been by my side through so much and have given me the gift of a family. Don’t ever change, because I fell in love with you as you are, and look forward to spending the rest of my life with the amazing man you have become. 


The best part about wedding cake, besides eating it? 


Shoving it in each others’ faces! ♥

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