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Greetings, fellow couponer! Since you’re here, my guess is that you now have a least a few successful coupon trips under your belt and are now ready to take your skills to the next level. (If this is your first time couponing, I’d recommend checking out my beginner’s guide, which can be found here.)

Now, my second guess is that you’ve come to find that you possess a strange attachment to Target. You know what I’m talking about. 😉 Sadly, I have to inform you that if you’ve been trying to pull yourself away from this magical store and all of its alluring properties, you’ve come to the wrong place. The following guide will introduce you to the vast world of Target couponing and provide all the information you need in order to save BIG at your favorite department store, as if it wasn’t already amazing enough!

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As you read through this guide, you may like to take a look at and familiarize yourself with the Target coupon policy found here.

To start, there are three types of coupons that are available to use at Target: manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and cartwheel coupons. Now, the awesome part is that you can combine and use all three on a single item!

Store Coupons

Target frequently puts out new store coupons online that can be used on top of any manufacturer coupons to get you even more savings. Printable store coupons can be found at Simply clip and print! Mobile coupons are another form of store coupon that can be obtained via text message, which you can sign up for here. You should receive your first text within a few days, which will contain a link to access your coupons. Just open the link and have the cashier scan the bar code at checkout and you’re golden! Because printable and mobile coupons are both store coupons, you may not use them together on a single item.

Cartwheel Coupons

So, between the manufacturer, printable, and mobile coupons, you would think that that would be enough to save a ton of money, right? Well, believe it or not, that’s where Cartwheel comes in and steals the show! (Cartwheel can be downloaded onto most smart phones from the app store, and gives you the option to sign up through email or Facebook.)

Like mobile coupons, cartwheel coupons have a bar code that can be scanned directly at checkout. However, you can load any amount of offers onto the bar code that your account allows. The more you use cartwheel, the more spots you can unlock. Offers will display as percentages off certain products.

Typically, cartwheel coupons are valid on up to four of the same items per transaction. One of the most important things to remember about cartwheel coupons is that they must  be scanned at the end of the transaction, after all other coupons have been scanned. Also, the percentage savings are always taken off after store coupons but before manufacturer coupons. Take the following deal for example:

Buy two body washes at $3.50 each = $7.00 total
-Use (2) $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons 
-Use (1) $1.00/2 Target store coupon 
-Use 10% Cartwheel 

Total: ______

Now, to get the total, the Target store coupon would be taken off first, putting the total down to $6.00. Then, the 10% cartwheel would come off for a total of $.60 ($.30 off of each one), and then finally the two manufacturer coupons would take off, making the grand total $3.40 for both items. (Note that the computer does all this calculating for you at the register, so as long as your cartwheel coupons are scanned last, everything will take off perfectly :D)

Still with me? I know all this information may be a little overwhelming to you right now, but trust me it gets easier! Now that we’ve covered all the different types of coupons available at Target, there’s just a few more things to touch on before you set out!

Target REDcard

A personal favorite of mine is the Target REDcard, which is available as either a credit or debit card. Using your card saves you 5% on all purchases made both in store and online and gives you free shipping on all orders made online. The great part is that if you’re not looking to sign up for the credit card, the debit account simply links to an existing checking account and works just like any other debit card. Pretty cool, huh? To learn more about the REDcard, you can find all the info here.

Gift Card Deals

As a Target shopper, I’m sure you’ve seen the signs throughout the store offering a gift card for meeting certain purchase requirements. This is a great way to score an even sweeter deal on top of all your coupons! That’s right, gift card deals and coupons go hand in hand. Let’s take a look at this example deal:

Buy 2 boxes of Huggies diapers at $24.99 each = $49.98
Buy 2 and get a $10.00 gift card
-Use (2) $2.00/1 manufacturer coupons
-Use (1) $2.00/2 Target mobile coupon

Total paid: $43.98, but you will receive a $10.00 gift card, making the final price $33.98

Since gift cards received at checkout are good toward your next purchase, it is common to do separate transactions and apply the gift card(s) received in the first one to purchases made in the second. 

Price Matching

One of the newest ways to save at Target is price matching. Target’s price match policy states that  they will match the price of a qualifying item if an identical item is found for a lower price in the following week’s ad or within seven days at several online retailers, such as,,,, and They will also match to local competitor’s ads. 

To do a price match, simply bring the item you want matched to the customer service desk and bring up the website of the retailer with the lower price (or show the competitor’s ad which the product is located) and they will match it! An important thing to note on price matching is that it Target coupons are applied before the price match is made. If the competitor’s price is still lower after the Target coupons are applied, the price match will occur. This is why the use of Target coupons is a bit unnecessary when it comes to price matching. However, manufacturer coupons will take off after the price match, making for a better deal in the end! To find out more about price matching at Target, you can find their full policy here.

So, think you’re ready to take on the world of Target couponing? All of this, like I said, may seem a bit overwhelming, but with a little practice, you’ll be a pro in no time! If you have any questions about this guide, feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading!

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