$5 Project: Hutch Face Lift


I’d like to start by proudly announcing that this is The Northwest Momma’s 100th post! It’s been quite the journey since I started this blog and I’m super excited to see what the future holds for it! ♥

I am constantly finding new projects to do in our house- some big, some small, and I’ll randomly just be staring at a piece of furniture and an idea will pop into my head, so I’ll rush to write it down so I don’t forget about it. I personally enjoy updating our house and doing little things here and there. I feel that the way one decorates their home really says a lot about their character and just adds a ton of fun personality.

Hutch Before 02

This hutch was actually a project Michael and I did about a year ago (before my blogging days) and it was originally just your typical wooden hutch. We took the bottom doors off, sanded it all down, gave it a few coats of white paint, added some fun baskets, and that was that. I really liked the “dated” look of the handles and hinges, so we decided to just keep them on instead of getting all new hardware!

Since we redid it, it has served a couple different purposes in our home; first it was a pantry, then it was Hadley’s art cabinet, and now we finally are using it in our dining room (which is what we originally intended it for in the first place).

Hutch Before 01

It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture, but several of the glass panels are missing from the doors. Since this was Hadley’s art hutch for awhile, she slammed the doors so many times that they gradually just all started falling out. I’ll admit, after moving all of her art supplies into her playroom, I just let this thing just sit there empty for nearly a month. It wasn’t until recently that I finally gave in and decided to put it to good use again!

For this, all that was really needed after I filled it with all of our serving dishes and glassware was a good cleaning and an alternative to replace the glass panels. The solution?

Hutch After 01

Chicken wire! Seriously, though, I had no idea how much I could love this stuff until I tried it out for myself. I had seen countless projects on Pinterest that used it, but now that I’ve done a project of my own with it, I’m definitely feeling the magic!

Hutch After 02

Chicken wire is a great way to add style and character to furniture without spending a ton of money. You can get a decent roll of it for around $5 at Home Depot, and it was enough for us to do both doors with some left over!

Putting it on is so incredibly easy, too. All you do is pull it tight, staple it in place, cut off the extra and you’re golden. 

Hutch After 04

I feel like I can finally mark this project as complete. And now that I’ve experienced the true power of chicken wire, there’s no telling how many more projects I’ll use it for.

I believe that anyone redoing a hutch like this should at least consider using chicken wire in lieu of glass. It kinda gives it that farmhouse look that I just love! And on that note, I’ll admit that I maaaay have watched a little too much Fixer Upper… 😉

Until the next project!

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