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So I know it’s been a little while since we’ve had a legit project on the blog- I’ve been all about crafting ever since Had started preschool! But this past weekend, Michael was out working in the garage and made  something totally awesome…

This pallet desk! It was originally meant to be a simple desk for the garage, but once I saw how it was turning out, I asked him if we could put it in the house! Plus it was our one year wedding anniversary on the 1st, so it ended up being more of a gift. 🙂

The design is relatively simple; it consists entirely of pallet wood, with the shelf and desktop pieces coming from a second pallet.

Everything was thoroughly sanded, and it’s super smooth and sleek to the touch.  The desk part is secured using two chains and is actually designed to fold up to save space, which I absolutely love! 

The shelves are made from the face boards of another pallet and lay flat on the bottom slats, which are hidden by thin, flat pieces of wood. I love the shelf design, as it it gives me ample space to put all of my favorite things! (Aka plants and pictures of my babies!)

The desk top consists of four boards, and is held together by two boards on the ends located on the bottom.

A very light stain was used, so as not to lose the natural look of the pallet wood. It was more intended to highlight its features and give it a more finished look.

I just love this desk. I was in desperate need of a functional, quiet space to do my blogging, and the kitchen table was just no longer cutting it. Overall, Michael did an amazing job and he’s already thinking about more pallet projects that he can do!

Until the next project!

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