20 Gifts Under $20 For the Vegan Men in Your Life


Last week, I posted about gifts for vegan women. This week, we’ere shifting gears a bit and talking all about the fellas!

Shopping for vegans may seem challenging, but it really isn't! Check out these fun, simple gifts for all the plant-based fellas in your life!

20 Gifts Under $20 For the Vegan Men in Your Life

1. A vegetable grilling basket.

2. And a veggie grilling cookbook to go with it.

3. Some vegan jerky.

4. Honest Amish beard balm.

5. Or this beard oil gift set.

6. A good ol’ pair of slippers.

7. This bamboo watch.

8. The No Meat Athlete Cookbook.

9. A stylish cork wallet.

10. Or maybe something a little more classic.

11. Herban Cowboy cologne.

12. How bout a new razor to try?

13. This game-changing strainer.

14. Or some fancy new cutlery.

15. Short, sweet, and to the point.

16. Some vegan protein powder.

17. These trendy shades.

18. A handy phone case.

19. An eco-friendly water bottle.

20. This self-explanatory tee.


And again, these gifts aren’t just for the vegans; anyone can enjoy them!

Happy shopping!

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