2017 in Review + 2018 Goals!


2017… what. a. year. When I reflected on 2016, I had entirely positive and exciting things to mention; River’s birth, our wedding, our vegan lifestyle change. And while this year definitely had some amazing things happen, it was also quite the bumpy ride.

Now, I’m not saying 2017 was necessarily bad. Far from it. I mean, we made countless memories together as a family, saw new places, celebrated Riv’s first birthday and Had’s first official day of preschool, had our one year anniversary, discovered a newfound love for rock climbing, and even attended the Women’s March (which was awesome)!

Yes, this year was definitely fun and exciting for our little fam, but as we all know, life happens. And when it happens, it tends to hit you all at once. Michael and I have been working hard all year long to break free from our credit card debt, we had some financial stress, and Reb needed an emergency surgery. This past summer, Michael finally broke free from the pest control business and began his new career path.

The past few months have been difficult to say the least, but together, we’ve been working through it as best we can. And 2018 is going to be the year we get our debt under control! I am super excited to really turn things around. And yes, I know everyone always says that on the start of year, but I am ready. 

The Northwest Momma had a huge year as well!

A year ago, I celebrated as my all-time monthly view count hit nearly 7,500. Today, I’m proud to say that that number has increased to nearly 50,000. The beginning of 2017 showed a huge spike in traffic thanks to my Valentine’s Day and Easter posts. I have come a long way from where I was last year, and although I haven’t followed all my blog goals I had set last year, I have definitely tried my best!

And now, on to my goals!

2017 Goals & Resolutions


  • Get back to the gym- My sister and I were going to the gym 3-4 times a week for nearly 2 months straight, and then the holidays and the sickness hit. I really wanna get back in the groove- it made us both feel so energized and healthy!
  • Be more adventurous- Being a parent, and just an adult in general, has really boosted my anxiety. I never used to overthink so much or have so many irrational fears as I do now. But I really want to work on that this year! I want to get out and try new things and see new places!
  • See 20 new places- Speaking of see new places, this was my goal for last year as well, but I don’t think we quite met our quota. This one is huge, I’m gonna make it happen.
  • Pay down our debt- Again, this was one of our big goals for 2017. But as I mentioned before, I am SO ready to break free. I want to pay down at least half of our credit card debt. Here we goooooo!


  • Post consistently- I did a pretty good job of posting 3 times a week throughout the year. Monday, Wednesday, Friday seems to be a good schedule for me, and I wanna keep it up!
  • Get that newsletter going- This was a complete miss for me last year. I only sent out 3-4 newsletters total.
  • Expand my horizons- I want to get back to doing more projects, making more recipes, and exploring more of the PNW- I am The Northwest Momma, after all!
  • Collab more- I don’t think I’ve had one collaboration since I started blogging. I really wanna get to know more of the blogging community!

So there you have it. I know a lot of my goals are the same as last year, but 2018 seems like it’s gonna be an awesome year. Here’s to bigger and better things!

Happy New Year, everybody!


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