$20 or Less: Groceries at Target


Whenever I go to the store, I always set a spending limit for myself. Depending on which items I’m purchasing and the quantity, it can vary from low to high. This shopping strategy has proved extremely useful to me because when I’m going through the isles, it helps prevent me from straying from my list and overspending. On this particular trip, I had set a $20.00 budget for myself and I was to spend no more. That’s when something extremely awesome (and a kind of strange) happened! Behold: my first ever $20 or Less post!


Buy 2 Freschetta frozen pizza ($4.50 each sale price)= $9.00
Buy 4 General Mills cereal ($1.99 each sale price)= $7.96
Buy 1 Pillsubry Toaster Strudel- $1.66 sale price
Buy 2 Mott’s 6 pack applesauce cups ($1.66 each sale price)= $3.32
Buy 3 Market Pantry pasta ($1.24 each)= $3.72
Buy 2 Stonyfield Yobaby yogurt 6 pack ($3.99 each)= $7.98
Buy 1 Oroweat bread loaf 24 oz.= $2.99

Total before coupons: $36.63

Total after coupons: $20.00 even!! How weird is that?! I mean, talk about a super strict budget. 😉 Additionally, there are a couple Ibotta offers that you can submit as well for bread and pasta.

This deal is the first of many that are going to feature trips in which I spend $20 or less along with all the corresponding coupons that were used. With that, be sure to stay tuned for the next $20 or Less! 🙂

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